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Family and Court Disorder
How to Heal the Broken Bonds

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Family Root Dysfunction
Chapter 2: Eye-Opening Family Statistics
Chapter 3: Divorce and Marriage Trends in the 21st Century
Chapter 4: The Technological Revolution & Digital Splits
Chapter 5: From Love to Fear in the Digital World
Chapter 6: The Silent Treatment
Chapter 7: Personality Disorders = Self and Relationship Destructive Behaviors
Chapter 8: Childhood Programming - Is Your Tape Recorder Positive or Negative?
Chapter 9: Love vs. Fear - The Split Between Light and Darkness
Chapter 10: Forgiveness Heals You First
Chapter 11: The Evolution of Suburbia and Family Structure
Chapter 12: Debt Bondage and Generational Trends
Chapter 13: The U.S. Legal System’s British Origins
Chapter 14: Women’s Rights & Easing Divorce Options
Chapter 15: Juvenile Court History
Chapter 16: The Battle for Control Originates from Within
Chapter 17: Family Court (1950’s to 2017)
Chapter 18: Svengalis - Manipulative Attorneys and Fraud
Chapter 19: Fighting Back Against Controllers (Lawyers, Doctors, and Ex-Family)
Chapter 20: Hostile Aggressive Parenting, Programming, and Parental Alienation
Chapter 21: Healing - Potential Root Causes and Cures