Healing the Autonomic Nervous System – Fight, Flight, or Reunite

The broken family connections between a parent and his or her child or children can cause serious and almost overwhelming emotional and physical pain for the adults and children in the midst of the ongoing family battle. A lengthy “family” court battle that can last for many years or even decades has been described as feeling equivalent to an actual war that may cause significant traumas, pain, and even early death. Many combatants, both parents and children, have described the pain as equal to how a military war veteran feels after engaging in day-to-day hand or weapons combat in some foreign nation’s land for days, weeks, months, or years at a time. Just like with an actual combat war, each participant can later end up with zapped or depleted adrenal glands and PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) traits that lead many people to feel depressed, anxious, fatigued, guilty, shameful, and unworthy of finding their own healing love. 

The short or long-term forced separation of a child or children from a fit and loving co-parent is literally akin to child abuse partly since it can adversely affect the child’s brain development by way of making their amygdala (“fear and stress center” of the limbic system or “emotional brain”) smaller. A smaller amygdala region can lead to severe anxiety, depression, and attachment disorder (or lack of trust) issues later in life. Sadly, it can create a downward spiraling descent of separation, isolation, and pain over several generations if not resolved.

Controllers, ruthless governments, Borderlines and Narcissists typically use two main strategies to control others around them or under them: F.O.G. (Fear, Obligation, Guilt) and DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender) to make the people under their control feel fearful, reactionary, shameful, and guilty if they try to break away from their programming control. What we avoid in life controls us, so we must attack it head-on to make the pain and control dissipate and scatter like cockroaches running in a darkened room after someone shines a light on them.

Sink or swim – The choice is yours! The power to heal is within. 

Fight, Flight, or Reunite 

A zapped amygdala or adrenal system in a child can be almost equivalent to thinking that a big, scary bear is chasing them almost every moment of their waking hours. After months or years of a stressed brain and nervous system, the child can feel disconnected from self and others while lacking decent energy levels, passion, or empathy skills for others around them due to the ongoing release of flooded cortisol (a stress hormone) which can trigger overwhelming “fight or flight” responses to life. Sadly, the child may later lack basic trust issues for loved ones, friends, teachers, or others around them, except for the controlling parent who they feel anchored to subconsciously in a Stockholm Syndrome (i.e., kidnapped victims feel love and loyalty to their hostage takers) type of way many times.

The lack of trust perception can date back to subliminal programming by the controlling parent who made them feel unworthy of love and told the children that they were “bad” or “defective” just like their other parent who isn’t allowed to see them. Negative comments about one or both parents are usually internalized by the children as they blame themselves while feeling guilty for loving one or both parents.

The hippocampus, and other parts of the Limbic System (“Emotional Brain”) region, where both short and long-term memories are stored, can be damaged by the stress. If so, loving and positive memories between a child and one or both loving parents can be erased which, in turn, can begin to disconnect the child more from a parent and his or her entire side of the family tree. Many of these diminished memories may be located in the child’s conscious mind, but the vast majority of the loving memories can be buried deep within the child’s subconscious mind where most of our perceptions originate.

Inside the Brains of Children Separated from Parents – NOVA PBS (3 minutes) 

When friends or family members observe this type of Hostile Aggressive Parenting behaviors, they should realize that silence or doing nothing is not the right approach. If you saw a child drowning in a (subliminal) pool, would you try to jump into the pool to save them and throw them a lifebuoy, or do nothing at all until they drowned? Whenever an outside family member or friend observes relationship disputes between two or more people who he or she both knows (i.e., one parent engages in the silent treatment while keeping the children away from the other loving parent for months, years, or decades), these same outside family members or friends should be the first ones to jump in, volunteer to assist both sides who are damaging themselves, and be a true hero. Why? Because it’s truly in the children’s best interests!!!

Physical Reactions to Subliminal Perceptions 

Most often, our perceptions become automatic to us in alignment with our autonomic nervous system that regulates various body processes without conscious thought such as blood pressure, breathing rates, and regulating body temperature. The autonomic nervous system directly feeds or supplies “fuel” to blood vessels, liver, kidneys, bladder, genitals, heart, lungs, and the salivary, sweat, and digestive glands. The two main divisions within the autonomic nervous system include: 1. Sympathetic and 2. Parasympathetic.

The Sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system is perhaps best known for preparing our bodies for a “fight or flight” response to stressful or seemingly dangerous situations in life in order to defend the body against any real or perceived attack. Once triggered, the body may begin sweating profusely, heart rates may rise from 60 beats to 120 beats per minute in a very short time, the eye pupils may dilate, the hair on skin may stand on end, and the person’s legs may begin to shake. During some panic attack experiences, a person may begin to dissociate with a “deer in the headlights” type of look as they may appear to be empty inside of their body like a fearful ghost. For many people, they will do whatever is necessary to “run away” from this painful and fearful situation such as being triggered by a loved one for no valid reason. Additionally, memory skills may rapidly decline from the years of stress associated with disconnections from loved ones as an overactive Sympathetic system eventually breaks down the body and mind.

The Flight or Fight Mechanism Explained in a Simple Way by Dr. Eric Berg

A prime example of an overwhelmed Sympathetic system is when a person later develops agoraphobia traits and rarely leaves their home. Agoraphobia is a fear of many public places such as a grocery store, stadiums or arenas with tens of thousands of people, schools, and large shopping malls partly due to their hypersensitivity to loud noises and bright lights. A person may experience a panic attack for the first time while out shopping at their once favorite grocery store nearby. Subconsciously, the person may later perceive that the grocery store was responsible for his or her panic attack, so the store must be avoided at all costs. As the years go by and the person experiences more panic attacks at various locations around town, then these places, destinations, or people will be avoided as well up until the person rarely leaves their home or speaks to anyone.

It will likely be the controlling person who pushes people away as they blame others for their perceptions, projections, and actions in a twisted or convoluted sort of way. This same anxious person’s figurative “security blanket” may become their children who they will hold onto for dear life as if the children were their own lifebuoys. Sadly, the controlling parent and the smothered children may all feel that they are drowning in a sea of isolated negative emotions while anchored together more by fear than love.

This agoraphobia example above is like how some children will avoid one or both parents because the Sympathetic nervous system goes off like an alarm bell in their head, and the child tries to reduce the pain by avoiding meeting with the loving parent who had done them no actual harm in previous years. This is partly why so many people with zapped Sympathetic systems will choose isolation, parental alienation perceptions, and the “silent treatment” as a way to avoid the pain even though the pain and negative perceptions always originates from within them, regardless of where they are at the time.

Many people with severely stressed adrenal glands partly due to an overworked “fight or flight” response to life, a depleted Sympathetic nervous system, and nutritional deficiencies related to low levels of healing nutrients such as Vitamin A, B-Complex, Vitamin E, Manganese, Zinc, Chromium, Selenium, Iodine, Magnesium, and pure Vitamin C, especially. Weakened adrenal glands, in turn, can make a body and mind become very “copper toxic” prior to developing serious anxiety, paranoia, cancer, diabetes (the excess cortisol released when overly stressed can adversely affect the insulin levels), serious heart disease, and even schizophrenia health issues. Readers may find some healing answers and solutions in the videos from Dr. Larry Wilson as well as from one of his many informative articles below:

Dr. Wilson’s Tips and Tricks for Adrenal Fatigue

Key Steps to Natural Adrenal Recovery – Dr. Larry Wilson and iHealthTube.com

Adrenal Burnout Syndrome by Dr. Larry Wilson 

The Parasympathetic division, in turn, helps people better control their body and mind during ordinary situations in life that aren’t too stressful. It is perhaps best known as the system that heals, regenerates, and nourishes our bodies. The Parasympathetic nervous system division helps us conserve our body’s energy levels and restores a calming sensation for people by slowing the heart rate and decreasing blood pressure. A healthy diet and almost daily exercise can help to strengthen the Parasympathetic nervous system as a way to offset a weakened or zapped Sympathetic nervous system.

16 Signs of Adrenal Fatigue

“It’s estimated that up to 80 percent of adults experience adrenal fatigue during their lifetimes, yet it remains one of the most under-diagnosed illnesses in the United States.”
– Dr. Joseph Mercola

“1. Fatigue and weakness
2. Depression, fearfulness, and / or anxiety
3. Hormonal imbalance
4. Abnormal blood sugar levels
5. Suppressed immune functions (lots of colds and flu symptoms)
6. Muscle or bone loss
7. Cravings for foods high in salt, sugar or fat
8. Increased allergies
9. Skin problems
10. Autoimmune Disorders
11. Increased PMS or menopausal symptoms
12. Lightheadedness when getting up from sitting or lying down
13. Trouble waking in the morning despite a full night’s sleep
14. Low sex drive
15. Decreased ability to handle stress
16. Poor memory and mental fogginess”
* Video link source below:
16 Signs Your Might Have Adrenal Fatigue by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Healing Herbs for Adrenals

Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website (#1 most viewed natural health website in America) has suggested natural healing options for adrenal fatigue that include:

1. Ashwagandha; 2. Rhodiola; 3. Siberian Ginseng; and 4. Tulsi or Holy Basil in the article link below.

Four Powerful Adaptogens for Adrenal Support by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Magically Healing Spices

Curcumin: The magical healing benefits of curcumin, the most healing ingredient found in Turmeric spice, helps to fight depression, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, various severe neurological disorders, and chronic pain. Inflammation is typically the main cause of pain, and spices like Turmeric and Cayenne Red Pepper are well-known for reducing inflammation and pain.

Super Herb: Ten Reasons to Use Curcumin

Cayenne Red Pepper has been ranked as the #1 overall spice for headache and severe migraine relief partly since this spice opens up blood vessels and quickly reduces the pain. Some health writers have suggested that Cayenne Red Pepper may be able to stop a heart attack in a short period of time because the spice can open up blood vessels and improve the overall circulation in the body. Cayenne spice can be added to food, juices, or made as a tea mixed with other healing components such as raw honey, lemon drops, or even natural maple syrup as noted in this video below:

Migraine Killed by Cayenne Pepper Drink video (2:29 minutes) 

Vitamin C, Iodine, and Healthy Adrenals

Two of the absolute most important nutrients for healthy adrenal glands that people need are sufficient amounts of pure and real Vitamin C (a high percentage of Vitamin C sold in the U.S. is synthetic and not as healing) and Iodine (the primary “fuel” for a healthy thyroid as well). Weak thyroid and adrenal problems tend to happen simultaneously prior to leading to depression, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, and pain. The female hormone, estrogen, blocks the complete absorption of iodine. As such, women are 1,000% more likely than men to have hypothyroidism (“underactive”) symptoms. To learn more about the incredibly healing benefits of iodine, please watch this video link interview of Dr. David Brownstein (he claims that 96.4% of his 6,000 patients tested were severely deficient in iodine levels) that is linked below:

Dr. David Brownstein talks about the importance of Iodine (12+ minutes) 

How Digital Technology Zaps the Autonomic Nervous System

Recent studies have suggested that Americans unlock their phones an average of 100 to 150 times per day. Each time that a person checks their smartphone, it generates a zap of stress for them as they eagerly seek out either positive or negative content on their texts, email, social media, or some other online site. In many ways, people are addicted to being distracted. The Sympathetic nervous system is activated with a jolt or shot of adrenaline rush that also increases heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, and shunts energy from the brain to the muscles while causing more fear, anxiety (other side of fear), depression, chronic fatigue, insomnia, and pain. It can take the body upwards of five to 30 minutes each time to recover from the stress of each smartphone or tablet alert sound before getting back to the normal baseline of a fairly relaxed state of being.

The digital alert sound is somewhat equivalent to how dogs used to salivate every single time that they heard a bell ring that was associated with food in the old Pavlov’s Bell theory that was covered in our recent blog entitled The Programming Bell Disconnection (article link below). Yet, the digital sounds are zapping the Sympathetic system and causing more fear. 

Healing Nutrients and Positive Thoughts Fuel the Body and Mind 

Let’s review some additional suggested food and nutrient options such as animal proteins that are rich with healthy fats such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 nutrients that can heal and strengthen weakened Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems by a very well-respected medical and health expert named Dr. Lawrence Wilson (Dr. Mercola has also interviewed Dr. Wilson in past years because he is so respected as an adrenal expert):

* Sardines
* Salmon
* Eggs
* Meats
* Nuts
* Root vegetables such as beets and carrots
* Vegetables
* B-complex vitamins
* Magnesium
* Kelp (rich in healing iodine)
* Selenium (found in Brazilian nuts)
* Manganese
* Zinc
* Calcium from green vegetables

Dr. Wilson has said that some of the most common symptoms of an overactive Sympathetic nervous system (SNS) include excess sweating, elevated blood pressure, high blood sugar, and more frequent bowel movements. Additionally, a person may be more outgoing, aggressive, or even belligerent, or the other extreme of isolated and withdrawn while fearful to leave one’s home. These people are prone to extreme levels of anxiety, irritability, and nervousness, and may also have an overactive thyroid gland. Dr. Wilson suggests that if a person has some or many of these health symptoms, they should seek out an experienced health-care professional to assist them.

Dr. Wilson’s recommendations from his linked informative report below for how to better balance out a person’s Autonomic Nervous System includes:

* Rest often and sleep at least 8 hours per night.
* Eat healthy foods.
* Reduce your stress levels as much as possible.
* Focus more on positive thoughts.
* Live your life with gratitude, appreciation, and contentment.
* Practice forgiveness, especially for self.
* Do not compare yourself with others.
* Train your mind to stay out of negative emotions, especially fear, anger, and guilt.
* Seek out people in life who energize you while avoiding those who zap your energy.
* Practice slow deep breathing techniques while trying to meditate in quiet rooms.

Dr. Wilson describes the Sympathetic nervous system as akin to the gas pedal of a car while the Parasympathetic system is more like the brake. Unlike a fast moving car that is on the verge of crashing into a nearby wall when revved with too much Sympathetic fuel, however, when the “brake” is applied to the body with increased Parasympathetic fuel, the body shall begin to heal itself because the internal traumas and negative emotions are being reduced.

Emotionally, the Sympathetic nervous branch of the autonomic system is associated with fear. The Parasympathetic branch, in turn, is associated with feelings of love. Only one of these two main nervous systems can be active at a particular time. Love always drives out fear in the ongoing battle of the two main core emotions for human beings (all other feelings or emotions are just various sides of love and fear).

The Cars – Drive (“Who’s gonna drive you home tonight?” – Parasympathetic or Sympathetic systems?)

For more details, please read Dr. Wilson’s brilliant article entitled Keeping Your Autonomic Nervous System Healthy that is linked below:

Bacteria and Parasite Infections

An important note to remember is that living bacteria and parasite infections are some of the main causes of a high percentage of emotional and physical health challenges today, including especially a weakened Autonomic Nervous System. Many times, the damage caused by the bacteria or parasite infection worsens the negative perceptions held by a child or adult, or is the primary reason why their thinking is so fearfully programmed. To learn more about this important topic, please visit our other blog posted on the same website:

How Parasites, Viruses, and Mold Damage and Disconnect People 

Zap the Fear Virus with Love and Nutrients

The human body is filled with upwards of 1,000 trillion  parasites, bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens that can strengthen or weaken a person’s body and mind. Yet, the worst “virus” of them all may be the “fear virus” that can deplete a person’s overall energy levels, weaken their internal immune system, and disconnect a person from self and others around him or her. The reduction of fear, increasing of love, and the boosting of the immune system are some of the best ways for a person to later reconnect with self and loved ones. Once you focus on healing the true root causes, then you shall find the cure sooner rather than later!

* Please seek personal health opinions from trusted advisors and do your own research before changing your diet and overall health strategies.

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