Countering Hostile Aggressive Parenting Actions

All relationship conflicts are primarily subliminal programming conflicts because that is where 99% of our perceptions originate. To improve the relationship, please focus on positively impacting someone’s subconscious thought process.

Controllers use fear tactics to persuade children while Non-Controllers (or targeted parents) typically fight back with love tactics while both sides usually throw blame which can neutralize or negate positive actions meant to reconnect. As such, it is really an ongoing battle between the two primary core emotions called Love and Fear when trying to make a breakthrough to the children’s heartstrings.

For many parents, the loss of significant amounts of their financial net worth spent during the family law process was less painful for them than the loss of quality childhood experiences and broken family bonds after years or decades of subliminal programming strategies by the controlling parent. Love is more valuable than money to most people.

Thought Programming 

Hostile Aggressive Parenting (HAP) has been described as literally akin to emotional child abuse, and perhaps the worst abuse of them all, against innocent young children who typically love both parents equally. It has also been characterized as a form of Domestic Violence against the targeted parent or guardian due to the severe pain and suffering experienced by the controlled parent. In many ways, the trauma inflicted on the parent forcibly separated from their own children is worse than a physical beating or verbal lashing.

Hostile Aggressive Programming can be simply defined as the controlling parent’s conscious and intentional subliminal programming strategies in an attempt to turn the child against the other loving parent. Please visualize a 6-foot tall mesmerizing Svengali with a stopwatch that swings back and forth who tries to hypnotize and program a little two or three foot tall child to stop showing any love towards the other parent. Parental Alienation, in turn, can be described as the child’s baseless and unfounded perceptions that originate subconsciously after years of programming. One’s subconscious thoughts can become automatic to a person, regardless of whether they are valid or not.

The programming of children by way of one parent’s Hostile Aggressive Parenting strategies that later lead to Parental Alienation perceptions in children is somewhat like how a cult may brainwash their members by causing them to forget so many of their positive memories with family members so that they are easier to control, manipulate, and steal money from for the cult leaders. The child is anchored subconsciously, many times, to the cult leader or controlling parent in their life. The programmed child is not very receptive to outside influence from others who are trying to help heal the family.

Our thoughts are our world. Thoughts are automatic to each of us similar to goosebumps on our arms when cold or startled. Ironically, we don’t have to think much about our thoughts. We then project our internal thoughts outward and typically “see” ourselves in others closest to us. A person cannot treat others around them any better than they treat themselves, for better or worse, so hopefully we have more loving projections than fearful ones.

Most of our thoughts are negative and self-defeating after years of external programming since birth. Positive subliminal programming techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping – a form of self-acupressure and subliminal programming) change and replace our negative thoughts and repetitive phrases such as “I will fail again” that exist on a consistent loop in our minds to “I will succeed no matter how many times that I fall.” Or, we can change the negative tones in our mind to ones that are whiny that inspire us to crush the unpleasant and childish voices in our head as well as visualize the negative thoughts leaving our bodies and heading toward the sun far away where they are vaporized.

Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

Jim Jones, a perceived Narcissist who ran the infamous Jonestown or People’s Temple religious cult in the country of Guyana, was a master manipulator who was able to convince over 900 of his church members to drink cyanide-filled Kool-Aid prior to their deaths back in 1979. The phrase “don’t drink the Kool-Aid” can be a reference for someone who is blindly following a Narcissistic controller who is using false propaganda to adversely influence them. A targeted and controlled parent should also consider telling their alienated children to watch out for the “Kool-Aid” drink that is filled with lies and propaganda meant to kill the loving relationship between the parent and child.

Another prime example of someone famous, who was kidnapped, controlled, and brainwashed (common descriptions of alienated children by a controlling parent), is the Patty Hearst case. Patty Heart is the granddaughter of the media mogul named William Randolph Hearst; Hearst Communications is a multi-billion dollar company today. This is one of the most famous examples of Stockholm Syndrome.

Patty was kidnapped back when she was a 19-year old student living in Berkeley, California by a political dissent group known as the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA). She was later brainwashed and reprogrammed by the terrorist group before she made propaganda statements to the media, began believing in their cause, and even assisted with a bank robbery shortly thereafter even though she was an heir to one of the wealthiest families in the world; Patty was arrested with other members of the SLA group shortly after the bank heist. She was later found guilty in a criminal trial, but her sentence was commuted by President Jimmy Carter, and she later received a full pardon from President Bill Clinton partly due to the allegations of subliminal programming or brainwashing.

If a wealthy and intelligent 19-year old woman can be quickly programmed to change her way of thinking, then what sort of a chance does a 3, 4, or 5-year old have when a controlling parent tries to brainwash them for many years or decades so that they stop loving the other parent? The bulk of our personalities are established by the age of six (6) years old. Any parent who begins brainwashing a child below this age may be more successful in erasing their positive and loving memories of the other parent. Is a parent who intentionally tries to brainwash a young child (the true victim in the conflict) really any better than a cult leader?

Repetition is the key to programming; it can be also described as a literal form of brainwashing (“rinse, recycle, and repeat” like a load of laundry). Just as the nightly news attempts to program us with their propaganda meant to create fear in us so we become more addicted to viewing their shows and buying their advertisers’ products, a controlling parent is brainwashing their children to move from a feeling of love towards fear, anger, and hate.

Because it is hard enough to change ourselves, it is even more challenging to change family and friends around us. To fight back and prevail against negative subliminal programming strategies, please use more positive subliminal programming options that can make another person laugh, question their own perceptions, and be more open to your viewpoints. Change your thoughts first prior to helping to positively influence loved one’s to begin questioning their own perceptions to shatter the subliminal programming that imprisons them.

Training NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) with Tony Robbins

Richard Bandler – Overcoming Bad Memories with Neuro Linguistic Programming

Parental Alienation – Jennifer Harman (Ted Talks)

Mending a Broken Heart (EFT Tapping) – Brad Yates

“We interrupt your programming to bring you this very important announcement…”

The announcement is as follows: For every action in life, there can be an equal and opposite reaction just like a swinging and hypnotizing pendulum. This “equal and opposite reaction” theory was borrowed from Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motions concepts and the Laws of Karma. One side of the figurative pendulum represents love while the other side is equivalent to fear. Depending upon one’s perspective at the time, only he or she really knows which side represents love and which side is fear.

Most forms of subconscious beLIEfs originate from others (family, friends, etc.) or things (television, digital tablets, smartphones) around us. It is called “television programming” for a reason. Subconscious programming must be shattered with subconscious intended strategies as opposed to consciously. Change your program; change your world. Why? Think about it, and let your subconscious mind start the loop to find your best answers.

You can’t outswim a large group of fearful sharks in the subconscious sea, but you probably can outrun a turtle on the conscious land; choose your venues wisely and select at least the same balanced battlefield locations. The analogy or symbolism here between the sharks (or fear) in the subconscious mind is that a person who jumps into the sea with conscious mind battling strategies may get “eaten alive”, and their figurative “sub” may sink like the Titanic ship after hitting a subliminal iceberg.

Now, please visualize a powerful speedboat fueled with infinite love and a 220 mph top speed that is racing several sharks swimming at 33 mph in the subconscious sea in a “subconscious vs. subconscious battle.” Who is more likely to win this race now as the engine begins to rev up?

Change your (or your loved one’s) subliminal programming in seconds, and sink the external negative programming. For every fearful action in life, there is an equal, opposite, and more powerful reaction – Love.

“You are not getting very sleepy, and are becoming more awake……….”

The only way to change anyone is to get them focused more on questioning their own perspectives rather than being focused on your definitive statements (an intentionally repetitive statement meant to embed in your subconscious mind). Sometimes, the programming is so deep and automatic that the person is unable to truly comprehend or understand what is being said to them in spite of 50 or 100 + valid facts presented to them by a targeted parent.

Positive Memory Triggers 

Two of the best triggers for strong, positive memory recall are linked to music and sense of smell. What is your child’s favorite music that they will associate with past memorable events with you? If you know it, then you can send them CDs, digital audio files, or recordable greeting cards with the same songs in it along with any perfume, cologne, flower, or spice smells in the cards that may trigger positive past events with you.

Sir Isaac Newton has a few other Laws of Motions theories that can also be used to describe broken family connections. Since people are nothing but pure frequency beings at our true core, then Sir Isaac Newton’s theories can also apply towards people. Two other intriguing Laws of Motions ideas include the following:

“An object that is at rest will stay at rest unless a force acts upon it.”

“An object that is in motion will not change its velocity unless a force acts upon it.”

With the family law court system, one party typically files for divorce and / or child custody which forces the other parent to react. If the other parent does nothing or stays rested, then he or she will lose. If the other parent does react, then the controlling parent may take offense as their subliminal abandonment triggers sound off in their head even louder prior to them responding with more demands like psyche evaluation and drug tests, restraining orders, child monitor requests, and more money for support. It becomes a vicious downward cycle in which the more actions taken on each side leads to more conflict and increasing amounts of money for the attorneys and courts.

With children, they probably love both parents equally at the start of a divorce or child custody case just as most children usually do since they were babies for so long as both parents were seen on a day-to-day basis and were kind to them. As the family law cases turn from weeks and months to years and decades, the controlling parent who likely filed the legal action in the first place to start the family conflict has had sufficient time to program the children slightly or significantly as they begin to move from the love side of the emotional spectrum to the fear side. The more fearful that a young child becomes, the easier that it becomes to manipulate and control them.

Sowing the Seeds of Love – Tears for Fears music video
(Change your musical frequencies; quickly change your perceptions) 

Mirror Both Children and Adults

If you want people to be relaxed and open-minded to your points of view, then you must mirror their body language and voice tones to make them feel more comfortable around you. If another person speaks with a fast pace, then you should speak with an equally fast pace. If they speak slowly, softly, or loudly, then mirror their same pace and voice tones. If they move their hands when they speak to you, then try to match their body language as well. The vast majority of people react more to another person’s voice tones and body language than their spoken words, for better or worse.

Most people avoid looking directly in another person’s eyes for too long. Yet, it makes us more trustworthy if we do it every so often in a way that isn’t considered creepy. The favorite word in any language today for most people is their first name. Please remember to use the other person’s first name every so often to put them at ease. Should you be speaking with a young child, then sit down on the floor so that your eyes are at equal level.

With any subject matter in a conversation, the most important topic is the one that interests the other party. As such, please focus on talking in terms of the other person’s interests. Does the child enjoy attending football games? If yes, then lead the conversation into the upcoming college or NFL football season while primarily discussing their favorite teams. Instead of making definitive statements to another party to influence them, please continue to ask them open-ended questions that seemingly give them multiple flexible options to answer you.

The Dale Carnegie Sales Course (based upon one of the most famous inspirational leaders of the 20th century) teaches people how to impact people in sales situations as well as in relationships. The teachings are based upon Mr. Carnegie’s most famous book that was entitled How to Win Friends and Influence People. What works in a heated business meeting over millions of dollars can also apply to a conversation between a targeted parent who rarely sees his or her children, and the targeted parent’s intent to persuade the child to break free from the controlling parent’s fearful programming.

Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People (Animated Video)

There are so many parents and legal professionals who say that a parent is engaging in “Parental Alienation” when they are actually using “Hostile Aggressive Parenting” strategies that later lead to the children’s Parental Alienation perceptions. For each negative action by the controlling parent, please counter with more positive and empowering actions that break the children free from the negative chains or anchors holding them back.

Your family’s trauma originates subconsciously; heal it with positive subliminal programming instead. Break the programming anchor for you and your loved ones before swimming freely from the once hopeless dark abyss to the water’s surface for a deep breath of fresh air!

Your world is primarily built upon your thoughts just like with your loved ones. “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” as the motivational guru named Wayne Dyer once said. Change your perceptions; change your world as well as the world for your loved ones.

The most powerful forms of healing originate from within for targeted and controlling parents as well as for the young children who really just want peace instead of ongoing family war. Look inward prior to projecting solutions, light, and love outward like a lighthouse beacon!!!

Wayne Dyer – When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change 

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