Aluminum, Mercury, and the Brain

  How Aluminum Toxicity Affects People

How Toxic Metals Disconnect People

“Without aluminum in the brain, there would be no Alzheimer’s Disease.”  
– Dr. Chris Exley, Professor in Bioinorganic Chemistry

Did you know that dementia and Alzheimer’s disease were the leading cause of death in the UK over the past two years? There are many scientific research studies out there that have linked aluminum to dementia and cancer, especially. Yet, the FDA still allows aluminum to be used in the coating of Alzheimer’s drugs. Please note that aluminum is spelled as “aluminium” in most nations outside of the United States.

Aluminum that is injected into the body can cause significant inflammation responses that rapidly increase all sorts of serious health challenges. Aluminum has been found in drinking water, medicines (vaccines and a high percentage of prescription pills like certain antidepressants and fluoridated antibiotics), vaping pens, personal care products and consumer goods like deodorant, toothpaste, foil, soda cans, bleached flour, cookware, cosmetics, nasal spray, pesticides, razors with aluminum salt strips (cut and poison yourself at the same time), table salt, baby formulas, and in the air we breathe, especially.

Both aluminum and mercury added to various types of vaccines can act like literal shields to block the body’s flushing out of the viruses added to the vaccines. The stated theory by various medical agencies worldwide is that the viruses added to the vaccine help the body’s immune system build up a defense to the same toxic viruses added to the vaccine. Yet, the other toxins included in the same vaccine aren’t as easily flushed out by the body due to the adding of aluminum and mercury that may both later accumulate in a person’s brain.

The aluminum and mercury in people’s brain can negatively impact the electrical conductivity flow and frequency connections. In some ways, it’s like how a fuse is blown or shorted in an electrical panel prior to greatly reducing the rest of the electrical power supply in the home or taking out the power completely. At our true core, we are all effectively electrical beings of light and energy.

By the age of just 18 months (or 1 1/2 years), very young children have likely been injected with 4,925 mcg (micrograms) of aluminum by way of vaccines. Yet, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) says that the only “safe level” of aluminum at any given time for injections for young people is more within the 10 to 25 mcg range. As such, the aluminum toxicity levels may be at least 200 times the higher “safe” levels (or 4,925 mcg vs. 25 mcg). Scientists at the University of British Columbia as well as at many other places worldwide have clearly noted that aluminum toxicity negatively impacts the nervous system (or Autonomic Nervous System) for people of all ages.

Charlotte Gerson, who along with her father Dr. Max Gerson dating back to the 1930’s, is perhaps the best known living natural cancer cure expert in the world, has said that she believed that aluminum toxicity (inhaling it, especially) was the #1 cause of skyrocketing cancer rates in recent decades. The very first treatment option completed at their treatment centers in many places around the world includes the flushing out or detoxing of toxins like aluminum so that the patient’s immune system is strong enough to heal the body and mind that are connected as one.

“Aluminum is a toxic metal contributing to Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. It affects the brain more than any other system of the body, impairing memory and cognition. Aluminum impairs your body’s ability to excrete mercury by impeding your glutathione production — your body’s master antioxidant. Glutathione is your most important intracellular detoxifier, required for reversing oxidative stress. So, if your aluminum load is high, your body will potentially become more toxic from the mercury from, say, vaccines and fish because you are now on “aluminum overload” and your detoxification system no longer functions well.”  

– Wendy Myers
Heavy metals detox expert

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Aluminum, or hidden under the name “fluoride” because it’s literally made up of melted aluminum ingredients primarily shipped in from China (aka “Sodium Fluoride” or “Hydrofluosilicic  acid”), is magnetically attracted to the pineal gland (3rd eye or “human Wi-Fi”) where it clogs it up and disconnects a person from self and others around them. It’s somewhat akin to throwing a metal blanket on your home Wi-Fi system. Now, please visualize how strong or weak that your computer or smartphone connections would be with this metal blanket on it. A person, or a frequency being, is really no different.

The human body has an estimated 37 trillion cells which makes us all effectively “Walking Cell Towers.” If the most powerful “connection” part of our body in the pineal gland region is clogged up with aluminum, then it can negatively impact those same 37 trillion cells to varying degrees that eventually make us feel disconnected from self and others who are very important to us in our respective lives.

Key point: The only major “safety” study ever completed and published that made the claim that synthetic “fluoride” (an aluminum waste) was “healing to teeth and gums” was paid for by the Alcoa aluminum company. Alcoa, coincidentally, had the world’s largest supply of aluminum waste that they were seeking to sell to towns and cities for their water supply.

Alcoa, in turn, hired Edward Bernays, the alleged Father of U.S. Propaganda and the nephew of Dr. Sigmund Freud, to promote the idea to the American public that this aluminum waste product hidden under the name of “fluoride” was healthy for people while attacking anyone who disbelieved them as “crazy” or “dumb.” Dr. Joseph Goebbels, the Minister of Propaganda for the Nazi party, also closely followed Edward Bernays’ programming techniques shortly after reading Bernays’ book entitled Propaganda in spite of Bernays being of Jewish faithThe Nazi party used to add synthetic “fluoride” to the water supply in their concentration camps to make their prisoners more docile, weak, timid, and easier to control.

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Personality disorder traits have been described as being a “milder” version of the Autism Spectrum just like Asperger’s. This article below also makes the same connection between high levels of aluminum, the most commonly used vaccine adjuvant, and Autism traits.
Brain Imaging Shows Autistic Brains Contain High Amounts of Aluminum

Linked below here is a 45-minute interview of Dr. Chris Exley, a professor of Bioinorganic Chemistry, as he discusses his thoughts on the potential connection between aluminum and Autism behaviors:
Chris Exley & Aluminum Toxicity on the Highwire

Natural healing options for aluminum toxicity: The silica-rich Diatomaceous Earth and curcumin found in turmeric spices can both be incredibly healing to people exposed to aluminum toxicity (or most people).

Smoking Aluminum & Other Toxins – How to Stop

Aluminum is also found in vaping products for tobacco and marijuana-related ingredients in both the vape instruments and in the pesticides sprayed on these crops. Smoking aluminum can damage a person’s lungs, brain, and the rest of their body. Aluminum increases anxiety, depression, pain, chronic fatigue, insomnia, and worsens memory skills.

Vape products like JUUL reportedly contain up to 20 cigarettes’ worth of nicotine in just one JUUL pod. People who vape or smoke e-cigarettes are four times more likely to go on to smoke cigarettes than their peers who do not vape. Some studies have shown that nicotine is more addictive than heroin.

It’s the metals that may originate in the atomizing units (the heat generator or coils) or other components in the vape pen or other devices that may be the most harmful to people who smoke. Specifically, the fumes from aluminum, chromium, calcium, iron, lead, copper, nickel, silicon, tin, formaldehyde, zinc, and diacetyl (a synthetic butter-flavoring chemical added to theater popcorn that is found in at least 39 out of the 51 most popular flavoring fluids used for vaping) can create “chemical pneumonia” (may also be referred to as “Popcorn Lungs” or Bronchiolitis Obliterans) that can temporarily or permanently damage a person’s lungs during which tiny air sacs in the lungs become more narrow and scarred, especially after the user cranks up the heat for more nicotine and chemical fumes. Severe coughing can later lead to having to seek out breathing machines at nearby hospitals.

For more details regarding the potential health risks associated with vaping, please read this Newsweek article (date: 11/12/19) about a man who needed a double lung transplant due to vaping damage:
Man Receives Double Transplant After Lungs ‘Irreparably Damaged’ 
By Vaping

The natural health supplement niacin (B3 – flushing) is chemically similar to nicotine while helping to crush the cravings for cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs, and is incredibly energizing and healing for our brain and body. In fact, Bill W., the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.), personally used niacin to crush his cravings for alcohol and suggested it to all of his early A.A. members.

Magnesium (aka “natural chill pill”) will likely relax and calm you down when taking alongside niacin much more effectively than smoking aluminum, nicotine, and other toxins. Magnesium supplements should be taken at bedtime because it usually helps people “chill out” and sleep while niacin may be better first thing in the morning partly because it’s so energizing. It’s during our sleep when our body and mind heals us. The lack of sleep or severe insomnia is typically the main cause of anxiety, depression, and other types of emotional health issues.

High doses of niacin have been proven to cure people from severe depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia health challenges. To learn more, this brief 4-minute video clip from Dr. Andrew Saul is very informative:
Niacin and Depression – Dr. Andrew Saul

The addition of pure vitamin C (most forms are synthetic and worthless) like camu camu (a superberry shrub from the Amazon that includes possibly more vitamin C than any other food) with niacin and magnesium can speed up the healing and recovery process from nicotine, alcohol, and other drug addictions. Real vitamin C digests in our bodies as hydrogen peroxide prior to better oxygenating and healing us.

The Impact of Smartphones on the Brain

If you were to imagine an invisible line being drawn between your right eye and right ear, the area in your head where the lines would intersect would be the main part of the amygdala (“brain’s fear center”) region. More than 90% of the world’s population is right-handed. As a result, they are likely to hold their smartphone next to the right side of their head.

More and more medical publications and global agencies have issued reports about how smartphones can cause cysts, brain tumors, and weaken bones, muscles, and tendons while also potentially causing infertility in both males and females. If so, the part of the body that may be at significant risk is the amygdala. This is especially true if the person already has a benign or microscopic cyst from a Toxoplasma Gondii infection (or some other types of natural or synthetic virus or parasite). Each time that the person speaks on the phone, the frequencies from the smartphone can “zap” or “shock” the amygdala while making the person much more anxious and fearful.

Mercury Poisoning + Smartphones + Dental Fillings + Light Bulbs

The #1 source of exposure to mercury contaminants worldwide is claimed to be related to coal sources found in the environment. The #1 source of mercury poisoning for U.S. adults is alleged to originate internally from old “silver” amalgam dental fillings that were made up of 50% + of mercury ingredients. It has been claimed by various authors that smartphones held next to one’s head can cause the increased release of mercury fumes that can damage the brain while increasing anxiety levels.

A key finding from the NCBI report entitled Mercury release from dental amalgam restorations after magnetic resonance imaging and following mobile phone use included this notable and brief summary below (aluminum fumes may be released as well):

“It appears that MRI and microwave radiation emitted from mobile phones significantly release mercury from dental amalgam restoration.”
Source link:

This article below that was published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) makes a strong case for the potential connection between the release of mercury fumes due to things like smartphone usage for pregnant mothers and the negative impact on their babies:
Increased Release of Mercury from Dental Amalgam Fillings due to Maternal Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields as a Possible Mechanism for the High Rates of Autism in the Offspring: Introducing a Hypothesis

The newer CFL (compact fluorescent lamp or light) light bulb may contain toxic amounts of mercury residue. What sort of mercury fume release is there just when the light bulb is shining in the home? The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recommends that once a CFL light bulb breaks in a family’s home, the occupants should seal off the room, turn off the heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system, and don’t vacuum or the harmful mercury fumes may spread more around the home. To learn more, please visit the EPA’s own website to read their suggested steps to minimize the release of toxic mercury fumes:
EPA’s Cleaning Up a Broken CFL 

Hiding Toxins Under Different Names

The origin of the phrase “mad as a hatter” (i.e., also known as the “Mad Hatter” ride at Disneyland) dates back to the 19th century when hat makers used to line hats with mercury to make them more firm. Sadly, the mercury fumes later made many of the hat makers almost schizophrenic. In spite of this known health risk, the dental groups worldwide thought that it would be wise to include mercury in teeth fillings while hidden under the name of “silver amalgam” name.

This “silver amalgam” name is just like how the synthetic “fluoride” name hides the fact that it’s made up aluminum ingredients too. Natural fluoride found in rivers and streams does have some health benefits, but synthetic “fluoride” is toxic to humans. This is why most nations on the planet completely ban the adding of synthetic “fluoride” (or aluminum) to their own public water supply. As of 2019, more public water is “fluoridated” in the United States than in all other nations combined.
Source link:

Linked here is a 6+ minute interview of Dr. Russell Blaylock, a retired neurosurgeon and author, who discusses how the toxic combination of “fluoride” (or aluminum) and mercury negatively impact the health and well-being of people:
Dr. Russell Blaylock: Fluoride and Mercury

Thimerosal: The product named “thimerosal” that is found in vaccines is made up primarily of mercury. Autism was discovered AFTER Eli Lilly, a Big Pharma company, added thimerosal to vaccines shortly after getting the patent back in 1928.

Key point: The only “safety” test ever conducted for thimerosal and humans was held in Indianapolis, Indiana back in 1929. Of the 22 human test subjects who were injected with the thimerosal / mercury ingredients, all 22 test subjects later died (or a 0% “success” rate) within a day or two. Since this 1929 human test study, there has NEVER been another thimerosal / mercury “safety” study ever completed and published in the United States (a period of approximately 90 years).

Between the early 1980’s and recent years, the odds of developing Autism Spectrum traits dramatically increased from about 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 46 for boys in parallel with the rapid increase of childhood vaccines that grew from 10 to 72 vaccine shots over the past few decades. Most Autism numbers lag about 12 years behind the research date, so 2012 numbers would likely be for the year 2000. As such, the true Autism Spectrum numbers today may be much worse. Stephanie Seneff, an MIT Researcher, has publicly said that if these Autism numbers compound at the same exponential growth rates, then the U.S. may see 1 in 2 (50%) Autism numbers for babies born in 2025.

To learn more about the thimerosal / mercury risks for humans, this article entitled Trace Amounts: Autism, Mercury, and the Hidden Truth below is incredibly eye-opening:

Strokes and Seizures

A shocked amygdala has been described as akin to a “mini-stroke” or “seizure” that may cause a person to become very fearful and lose their basic abilities for self-control. Seizures, mini-strokes, and personality disorder traits have rapidly increased over the past few decades. This corresponds with the increasing use of smartphones and other digital frequency devices.

The exposure to various types of smartphone or wireless Wi-Fi radiation can disrupt the blood-brain barrier which may cause it to leak. A young child is at greater risk for brain harm because they have a thinner skull to protect them from external frequency damage. It’s been claimed that the bone marrow of a child’s head absorbs more than 10 times the radiation from these digital devices than an adults. Younger infants and toddlers are thought to experience even worse damage than young children.

Per the American Stroke Association website, almost 800,000 people in the United States each year have a stroke. Of this number, approximately 75% are classified as first-time strokes. Stroke is the number five (5) cause of death in the United States with upwards of 130,000 deaths annually (1 in every 20 deaths nationally).

Many cysts or brain tumors can remain hidden for years or decades before they later start metastasizing into seizures or strokes.

A stroke is briefly defined as follows: “A disruption of blood circulation in the brain.”

A seizure can be summarized as: “A surge of electrical activity in the brain.”

Both a stroke and seizure can share the following similar symptoms:

* Powerful headaches
* Numbness or tingling in parts of the body
* Confusion
* Poor memory
* Difficulty speaking or understanding words that are spoken to you

As such, a “trigger” in someone can be akin to being shocked by an electrical outlet in a wall due to the surge of electrical activity in the brain. To the triggered person, they see “danger” almost everywhere. When triggered, the person is likely to pull away from others in a defensive state as if they were a wounded animal. To others, it may appear that the fearful person is being “mean” to them when, in fact, they are just trying to cope with the surge or flood of overwhelming negative feelings and powerful electrical currencies flowing through their brain.

London’s Ashok Gupta ( has some interesting and very affordable amygdala retraining programs along with London’s Charles Linden ( that focus, first and foremost, on retraining the amygdala negative feedback loop that may be at the true core of the self and relationship destructive behaviors. In addition, the negative amygdala feedback loop may be the root cause of parental alienation perceptions in children due to years of subliminal programming, natural or synthetic virus or parasite infections, Pharma products, wireless frequency devices, aluminum and mercury toxicity, and / or genetically modified foods. 

It’s the almond-shaped amygdala that can divide family trees instead of “bad luck”, “a crazy grandparent in the dysfunctional family tree”, “we don’t know”, “pharmaceutical deficiencies”, or “still searching for the cure.” People must realize that these fears feel real to so many of the controllers in our lives even if we think that they are nonsensical and absurd. Once the negative subliminal programming is shattered, then the healing can begin prior to reconnection. 

Key point: Don’t forget that a young child separated from one or both parents (especially during their very important first 7 years of life) may have a smaller amygdala region due to the trauma as if they had been physically or sexually abused. Also, the use of smartphones during the younger childhood years may make their amygdala region smaller which, in turn, may make them more susceptible to virus or parasite infections near the amygdala or from cysts created near the amygdala by smartphones. If so, it can cause anxiety, depression, insomnia, and Parental Alienation perceptions for one or both parents.

One of the more positive ways to help someone calm down is by playing some soothing music or a more empowering frequency. Music and sense of smell are two of the most powerful triggers for positive memory recall. In fact, there are many published articles about the magical healing benefits of music for people suffering from Alzheimer’s and other memory loss symptoms such as this informative article below:
5 Reasons Why Music Boosts Brain Activity

One of the best natural health combinations out there today to detox aluminum, mercury, and other toxins from the body is organic cilantro taken simultaneously with chlorella (a green algae) to synergistically speed up the detox process because they’re supposedly more powerful and healing when taken together instead of separately. To learn more, this is an exceptional article from the wise folks at Natural Society:
Cilantro and Chlorella can Detox 80% of Heavy Metals 

More people should research some of the better ways to detox aluminum, mercury, and other toxic metals or substances that can negatively impact their wired brain circuitry. Once the toxins are removed, then the Immune System will be more likely to heal the body and mind.

It’s all about frequency connections at the true core, for better or worse. Let’s make them more positive and loving than negative and fearful.

Once you find the cause, then you find the cure!

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