Welcome!!! The author’s name is listed under Infinite Bonds. There are multiple meanings to the name as will be described throughout the book. The Infinite Bonds name’s an anagram (scrambled letters, words, initials, and one flipped letter) for the main people who inspired us to write this book in the first place, an energetic state of being, a mindset, and a movement. After decades of research, we are convinced that broken bonds (real and virtual disconnections – a fear virus) are one of the primary root causes of most health challenges, addictions, and self and relationship destructive behaviors today. Hugs, not drugs!!!

There are over 175+ video and article links in this book. There are a number of specific music, film and television, legal, health, and relationship videos and articles selected that are meant to boost stronger future memory recall with the affiliate subject matters because music and sense of smell are two of the best positive subliminal imprints for memory recall (optional). You will be more likely to remember some of the key points in the book when linked to music, images, and emotional reactions; numerous topics are repeated several times throughout this book for more powerful memory retention.

Each link is numbered in sequential order, and can be viewed or read on www.infinitebonds.com whether you are reading this on a printed book or as an e-book. This book is designed more as a research library that can be visited whenever you feel the need to positively change your state of being like a powerful and attractive magnet. You always have a key to access this library!

There has been seemingly near infinite assistance from well-known health, relationship, legal, technological, and financial experts in the compilation of data for this book. Some of the proceeds from this book will be used to assist and inspire families to reconnect their broken bonds. Here are some background details about Infinite Bonds:

Decades of experience writing college textbooks, educational courses for some of the largest firms in the U.S., designers of tens of thousands of quiz and final exam questions and answers, and creators of hundreds of articles for some of the most read websites and magazines in the U.S. on topics associated with health, relationships, finance, economics, legal matters (rules, codes, case studies, court histories), real estate, technology, social media, marketing and advertising, governments, politics, demographics, socio-economic trends, social issues, civil rights, and spiritual and inspirational topics. Some of our individual blogs and articles have several hundred thousand views in less than a week.

This book is partly about the merger of the Real World and Digital World, and how the quality of life is either improving or declining for individuals. If you like technology, social media, and gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and computer desktops, you may appreciate the latest numbers and trends provided in detail here.

We’ve spoken at numerous NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Family Support meetings (www.nami.org ) and at fundraisers over the years. Featured on several television shows, including a few as the primary guest. We’ve also assisted with the production of films, audio tapes, and educational videos.

Interviewed, or conversed with, in person, by phone, and / or via email some of the most famous health experts, writers, and speakers in the world, including highly respected neurosurgeons, medical doctors (MD), attorneys, judges, bailiffs, clerks, court reporters, children’s supervising monitors, scientists, psychologists, therapists, spiritual advisors, religious experts, computer programmers, addiction specialists, natural health doctors, mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, and young children who all suffered from split families as we strove in search of root cause and cure solutions.

Several CEOs, and other business executives from well-known firms in places like Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Asia, and Europe, have used our ghostwritten work as if they wrote it themselves on a wide range of topics, especially health, relationship, financial, technology, social media, legal, real estate, and crowdfunding issues for books and blogs. We’ve spent much of our time researching health and relationship topics over the past several decades, and probably researched 100,000+ of pages just on health and relationship topics alone (our favorite topics).

Men, women, and children of various age ranges have contributed to this book, which is designed to be equally gender-balanced for our readers. We provide significant amounts of data, statistics, historical numbers, and ongoing trends to support our viewpoints as opposed to vague and benign references. We have over 40 years of experience working on computer systems. Today, people live in both the “Real World” and the “Digital World,” which is why this book will cover in detail both the real and virtual world connections and disconnections.

The people who have assisted with the completion of this book have personally experienced severe relationship traumas, the splitting of families, and the painful broken bonds and disconnections with past and current loved ones. Anyone can go to a university and read about these topics in a theoretical sort of way. Yet, the best way to learn about and build true compassion and empathy for others who may also be experiencing this extreme pain is to walk through the figurative “fire” firsthand. From our perspective, we are most qualified to write this book because we have walked in your shoes, and were unwilling to ever think about giving up because we preferred focusing on the solutions more so than the obstacles standing in our way. Now, let’s begin the journey together as you move towards the next step in the healing process!!!